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盘点全球十大最安全航空公司 汉莎航空位列第一

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本文摘要:资料图Travel + Leisure, a monthly publication from American Express Publishing Corp, decided to find out which airlines are the safest of all by reviewing the latest global safety rankings from the Air Transport Rating Agency (ATRA) and the J


资料图Travel + Leisure, a monthly publication from American Express Publishing Corp, decided to find out which airlines are the safest of all by reviewing the latest global safety rankings from the Air Transport Rating Agency (ATRA) and the Jet Airliner Crash Data Evaluation Centre (JACDEC), and combines the two annual rankings with other critical factors to determine the top airline rankings.美国运通出版发行公司旗下月刊《悦旅》杂志要求票选出有全球最安全性的航空公司。该杂志查询航空运输评级机构(全称ATRA)与客机失事数据评估中心(全称JACDEC)公布的近期全球航空公司安全性名列,并将两份年度名列与其它关键因素综合考量最后票选出有全球最安全性的航空公司名列。No. 1 Lufthansa第一名:德国汉莎航空公司Named after the medieval Hansa League, Germany`s longtime national airline was founded in the 1920s and relaunched after World War II. Lufthansa has since established an enviable safety record, while growing to a fleet of nearly 300 aircraft that serve more than 200 destinations.汉莎航空是一家历史悠久的德国国家航空公司,其名称源自中世纪的汉莎同盟。汉莎航空创办于上世纪20年代,二战后完全恢复航线服务。

自那时起,德国汉莎航空公司仍然维持着令同行讨厌的安全性记录。该公司目前享有近300架飞机,飞抵全球200多个目的地。No. 2 British Airways第二名:英国航空公司BA`s safety record is especially commendable given how many different types of aircraft the company has flown since its 1974 launch, from Vickers Vanguard turboprops to Concorde supersonic jets. The airline even offers a modified version of its flight safety awareness training to the public.自1974年正式成立以来,英国航空发售过许多有所不同机型,其中还包括维克斯先锋涡轮螺旋桨飞机和协和超音速客机。在这一方面,该公司的安全性记录特别是在可圈可点。

此外,英国航空还向大众获取改良版的飞行中安全意识培训。No. 3 Qantas (tie)第三名:澳洲航空公司Raymond Babbitt (Dustin Hoffman) famously quipped in Rain Man that Qantas has never had an accident. That`s almost true: the Australian carrier hasn`t had a fatal crash since 1951.在电影《雨人》中,达斯汀霍夫曼饰演的雷蒙德巴比特曾开玩笑说道:“澳航未曾曾为事故。”事实也完全如此:澳洲航空公司自1951年以来从未有过可怕飞行中事故。

No. 3 Southwest (tie)三大第三名:(美国)西南航空公司Long a passenger favorite, Southwest has proven that a low-cost, no-frills airline can also excel when it comes to safety.作为仍然以来倍受旅客注目的航空公司,西南航空用事实证明了一切从简的廉价航空也能维持绝佳的安全性记录。No. 5 Cathay Pacific第五名:国泰航空公司Often ranked among the best for passenger experience and in-flight service, Cathay Pacific can also boast about its outstanding safety record.国泰航空公司在乘客体验和机上服务名列方面仍然名列前茅。此外,它还维持着出众的安全性记录。

No. 6 KLM第六名:荷兰皇家航空Founded in 1919, Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij is the world`s oldest continuously operating commercial carrier. Over the next few years, the Dutch carrier (now merged with Air France) will replace its entire fleet with brand-new aircraft, including the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.荷兰皇家航空创立于1919年,是世界上历史最历史悠久的仍然享有定期航班的航空公司。未来几年,荷兰皇家航空(现与法国航空公司拆分构成法航荷航集团)将用还包括波音787梦幻客机在内的新飞机更换所有现现役飞机。No. 7 Emirates第七名:阿联酋航空公司The Dubai-based carrier has logged only two accidents in its 28 years of operation. Always at the cutting edge of in-flight luxury, Emirates is renowned for its onboard showers, mini spa, lounge bar, and private "suites" with fully reclining sleeper seats.这家总部坐落于迪拜的航空公司在28年的运营史上只再次发生过两次事故。


仍然以来都回头在奢华飞行中前沿的阿联酋航空以机载淋浴、迷你Spa、高级酒吧和设施仅有平躺式座椅的私人“套房”而享有盛名全球。No. 8 United/Continental第八名:美联航与美国大陆航空One of the largest mergers in aviation history, Chicago-based United and Houston-based Continental came together in 2010 to form one of the world`s largest airlines - more than 1,260 aircraft serving 370 destinations. While the two airlines have had to overcome some cultural differences, both share a reputation for safety.作为航空史上仅次于并购案之一,总部另设于芝加哥的美国联合航空公司和总部设于休斯顿的美国大陆航空于2010年拆分,沦为世界上仅次于的航空公司之一。

拆分后的新航空公司享有多达1260架飞机,服务全球370个目的地。虽然这两家航空公司必需要解决一些文化差异,但二者在飞行中安全性方面某种程度甚广不受赞誉。No. 9 Delta第九名:美国达美航空公司With 164 million passengers in 2012, Delta is the world`s single largest airline. The Atlanta-based airline`s safety record is even more impressive when you consider that Delta has more than 1.8 million flights each year.达美航空是全球仅次于的航空公司, 2012年其乘客数超过1.64亿。

该公司总部设于亚特兰大,每年开办多达180万个航班,达美航空的安全性记录不足以令人钦佩。No. 10 US Airways第十名:全美航空公司One of the oldest American carriers, US Air traces its roots to 1939 and a small regional airline serving the Ohio River Valley. It has become a giant of aviation, with more than 600 planes serving 200 cities. In the past few years, new technology, employee incentives, and a system-wide customer service campaign have also improved the airline`s reputation in areas like baggage handling.全美航空是美国最古老的航空公司之一,其历史可以追溯到1939年。那时的全美航空还只是以俄亥俄河谷为营运范围的一家小规模区域航空公司。




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